BS Green Organic Fertilizer

About BS Green Fertilizer
Success in Development of Activated Liquid Fertilizer from Nature
BS Green has been developed, for the first time in the world, by the inorganic chemistry process to extract the natural
activated mineral liquid from VERMICULITE which gives miraculous effects to the plants to grow.
Several hundred million years ago, the jungle areas were destroyed because of diastrophism and changed into
vermiculite such as mineral matters and saprolite, the vermiculite has been proved to give strong effect in improving
soil condition and growing plants.
Characteristics of BS GREEN
1. Integrated Fertilizer
BS Green is a neutral liquid fertilizer that contains well balanced N, P, K and 20 kinds of mineral which give
positive effect to healthy growing and high productivity of all kinds of vegetables, trees and plants.
2. Improving Soil Condition
As major material of BS Green is verticulite which gives a strong effect to soil improvement, it turns the soil
from its devastated condition caused by poisonous agrichemicals and repeated cultivation, back to richness
3. Protection from Blight
BS Green improves the plants’ immunity and balance of physiological function of keeping themselves strong
against blight and helps trunks, roots and leaves healthy. It works to increase the yield. On the other hand, it
does not do any harm to poultry of animals. BS Green, therefore, is called an ‘Eco-friendly Liquid Fertilizer’.
• Inorganic catalyst for photo systhesis
• Important constituent for enzyme concerned in reaction in plants
• For strong growth & development and prevent from blight(promotion for balanced growth)
• Sterlization function for anaerobic bacterium, bacilary blight
• Make good condition for circumstance of microoganism in soil
• Prevent from eeelworm in soil
• Promote soil aggregation and promote ventilation and keep best condition for water permeability
• Water holiding capacity
• Promote root growth for plants and increase main roots
• Reduce peticides, chemical fertilizer

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