Ebury Facial Peptide Cream

The miracle Aniti Wrinkle Cream that really works.
You Can Feel Tenseness After Only 3 Minutes. Better Than Botox!!

The main effect

– Effective against wrinkles (age spot, dark circle, skin elasticity)
– Used to freshen and tighten facial skin
– Less of aging process
– Improvement of size and depth of lines
– After 2 months, skin will 1.5 times thicker than using retinol

How to use

– Use it on the face where you want
– 3 minutes later, you can feel tight and fill up feeling
– It lasting 48 hours at once use (2 days)
– After 3~6 months, it might effect complete cause peptide apply to under the skin deeply

Ebury wrinkle free peptide cream

Ebury Facial Cream can effectively reduce fine lines, wrinkles, crows’ feet and firm’s skin for men and women of all ages. Ebury Facial Cream includes a proprietary complex of skin firming agents, peptice, elastin, collagen, and skin hydrators. This comprehensive topical formulation proved to be most effective in diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and crows’ feet.

Winkles and looseness are caused by changes inside the skin. The natural vitality of the skin declines with age. Once healthy skin loses its natural vigor and its internal structure becomes damaged. The skin loses its fullness and flexibility, causing loose areas of skin. This is how wrinkles are formed. These internal changes are difficult to remedy from the surface. The skin’s natural
Use any moisturizer before applying gel. Smooth gel onto face and neck where wrinkles and lines are noticeable. Hold face still until gel dries. The mild tightening sensation will ease once you move your face. The effects last until gel is washed off. Make up may be used after gel is applied. If white areas appear, too much gel is applied. To remove whiteness, lightly moisturize the area or gently remove with a cleanser.

Natural peptide & Minerals tighten sagging under eye skin. Collage & Elastin Hydrolysates firm up the skin by contributing to collagen & elastic renewal and repair. A patented peptide blend of Botanical Extracts lightens under eye dark circles. Aloe Vera heals sun damaged skin. Glycerin brings moisture to skin and keeps delicate under eye skin soft and supple.

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